Anti Pasti - Starters
Contorni - Side Order
Le Pizze
Primi Piatti
Secondi Piatti di Carne
Secondi Piatti di Pesce

Linguini pasta served in a Napoli sauce with fresh king prawns, cooked with onion, white wine and touch of chilli

Fillet of halibut pan fried and baked served on top of beetroot puree risotto, cooked with Crispy pancetta, spring onion, touch a chilli and garlic garnished with pea puree

Fresh salmon fillet pan-fried and baked with capers, red onion, lime, garlic, butter and white wine, served with French fries

Panfryed seabass fillet & served on top of creamy leek sauce with white wine seasoned with garlic and olive oil served with chips.

Seafood spaghetti with luxury mix seafood, mussels, in tomato garlic, surrounded by pan-fried king prawns and scallops.

Prime breast of duck cooked in a classic orange sauce, served on top of honey roasted red cabbage base with red wine reduction and hint of brandy, served with chips.

Slow roasted lamb shank in red wine, reduction served on a bed of mash potato.

Prime cut of venison saddle (fillet) cooked with selection of wild mushroom in red wine & port Reduction with hint of demiglace and chilli served with chips.

Prime aged steak beef cooked in sweet & sour sauce with mushrooms, onion, tarragon and garlic sauce served with chips.

Prime aged steak fillet of beef cooked with mushrooms, onions, cream, and Brandy served with chips.