Le Pizza
Primi Piatti
Secondi Piatti Di Carne
Secondi Piatti Di Pesce

Virgin Mojito

Price : £3.95

The long refreshing classic, minus the rum.

Pink Paradise

Price : £3.95

A bittersweet classic combining fresh lemon juice soda & more than a drizzle of Grenadine

Martini Asti

Price : £17.95

Italy – Martini Asti is a fresh and gorgeously scented sparkling wine that not only tastes delicious but is light being 7% in alcoholic strength

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV

Price : £65.00

Italy – Slightly appley, yeasty nose and long, rich flavours of biscuity, toasty fruit


Price : 200ml £5.95 - Bottle £19.95

Italy – Pale green with lemon hues. Hints of apple and peach on the nose. Light and delicate with citrus notes – this wine is dry, soft and creamy

spumante rose

Price : £25.50

Italy – Brillant cherry red colour, soft, creamy mousse with good length, a delicate cordon on the surface and lingering cascade of thin bubbles, delicate flavour of small red frults

Pinot Grigio Blush

Price : £15.75

Italy – A delicate coloured, pale salmon pink. Elegantly scented peachy, floral characters on the nose. Juicy, ripe berry

merlot Rosé

Price : 175ml £3.60 - 250ml £4.95- Bottle £14.95

Italy – Bursting with strawberry fruit flavours and a smooth creaminess on the palate producing a mouth-watering off dry sweetness


Price : £5.95

This quick fire shot is not to be taken lightly, it’s layered style gives it a strong kick that’ll surely wake up your taste buds. Layered three times, firstly with Kahlua, then with baileys and topped with Grand Marnier

Silver Mercedes

Price : £5.95

A little twist on Prosecco, adding Smirnoff vanilla vodka and infused with a touch of strawberry liquor, served with fresh strawberry in a Prosecco glass