Le Pizza
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Secondi Piatti Di Pesce

Filetto alla Stroganoff

Price : £17.95

contents: Sautéed strips of beef fillet with onions, mushrooms, cream, paprika, red wine reduction, served with buttered rice

Pollo diavola

Price : £14.50

contents: Strips of chicken panfried with mix peppers, chilli, garlic, parsley, white wine, fresh tomato chicken stuck reduction and touch of cream served with chips.

Pollo toscani

Price : £14.50

contents: Strips of chicken cooked with onion, garlic, rosemary, chicken stuck reduction, white wine and hint of chilli served with rice.

Pollo Mare e Monti

Price : £15.50

contents: Corn-fed chicken wrapped in bacon cooked with cream & chive sauce on top of spinach mash potato accompanied with king prawns

Pollo Doncateraz

Price : £14.95

contents: Corn-fed chicken pan fried and baked with red onion, lemon, cinnamon creamy sauce with brandy & garlic, served with chips

Pollo Fungi con Asparagi

Price : £14.95

contents: Corn-fed chicken cooked with mushroom asparagus, cream, garlic, brandy & white wine, served with chips

Colosseo Pollo Special

Price : £14.95

contents: Corn-fed chicken pan-fried in butter with mushrooms and peeled prawns. A hint of pomodoro and cream gives this chicken dish a rich creamy finish, served with chips.